Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Year Checkup

A great milestone has been reached - Elora's age can now be measured in years... erm... well year... she's ONE!

And what better way to reward her, than with needle pokes in a hip and both arms? As awful as this may sound, she continues to amaze with her muted reactions to vaccines. It was the third shot before she even cried, and was immediately soothed with nothing more than a cup of apple juice. That's an easy baby to please.

She continues to trend well on all the major stats. While 'developmental progress' is neither something that can be readily measured nor uniformly comparable, our doctor insists that Elora is ahead of the curve with her excellent mobility and beginnings of language.

Weight: 20lb 2oz (25-50%)
Height: 29" (50%)
Head Circumference: 17.8" (50%)

Elora also had her first visit to the dentist today. This didn't really involve any dentistry as much as introducing Elora to the dentist and office setting, paving the way for future smooth visits. In the end, there's only so much care one needs for teeth that are going to be falling out in a few years. But still, this leads to an interesting fourth stat to track.

Teeth: 2

Walking! Not just a couple of wobbly steps walking, but the ability to walk and even run to a destination at will with minimal difficulty. No problem transitioning to or from standing position. Walking is now her preferred mode of travel, with crawling forever discarded as a habit of her younger life.
Eating and drinking. Elora very clearly expressed her desire to wean at 11 months, and is now full time on solids and drinks. She has mastered feeding herself with finger foods and drink from sippy cups, and with the latter can even find her cup (inevitably tossed aside somewhere in the living room) and serve herself.
Buttons. It's very clear. She's my daughter, and loves to push every button she sees. She also has a firm understanding that these buttons are linked to specific effects - for example, she will push the sequence of buttons on one of her toys to get it to play her favorite song, dance to the song, then repeat the process.

Climbing. She's already pretty good at it, but now she wants to have one leg up on just about everything.
Words. She can repeat back a select few words, and regularly uses Dada and Mama and cat in daily babble. A select few words are even used in context (eg. "up"), with more meaning coming into conversation every day!

Independence Day in Ocean Shores. America!
Off to Canada.

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