Monday, December 7, 2015

Three Year Checkup

[okay, a little late, but still worthy of a note]

Weight: 31lb 3oz (50-75%)
Height: 31" (25-50%)

Mastery: ... yes!
It's really hard to talk about milestones because Elora is indisputably people now. She is learning new things literally every day, and her skills evolve (and sometimes regress) as she advances in her life.
  • Imaginative play. Elora now expresses her vivid imagination regularly. Her toys all have names (okay, they may all be named Suzie), and she will act out full conversations and scenarios with them. Her food becomes artwork. Her favorite toys include anything she can pretend with, like her jungle or castle. New songs are written daily.
  • Friends. While she's always had friends that we expose her to, she is now making friends of her own at school and dance, and is responsible for maintaining those relationships.
  • Counting still stumbles after 16. She knows her alphabet by sight and sound, and can occasionally sound out certain easy words.
  • Artwork! I have several lovely paintings from Elora. Art projects are one of her favorite activities.
  • Eating. She genuinely likes most foods, as long as you can convince her to taste them, which is an epic battle nightly. Even so, not a lot gets consumed at mealtimes.
  • Listening. She hears just fine, but has an objection to almost every request.

  • Whole Earth Montessori. Five mornings a week, Elora goes to preschool to play and learn, and interact with friends of different ages.
  • Dance Elite ballet classes. Following a wonderful ballet show, she is in her second iteration, and learning many skills (and a bit of listening).