Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rewards for Dad and Mom

Mom's one regret during her pregnancy was that she was not allowed to eat sushi. Well, the evening of Elora's birthday, she was rewarded for nine months of patience.

Sashimi tastes like total victory.

We picked up an assortment from Rikki Rikki, and it was without a doubt the best sushi we've ever ate. 

While I didn't have any dietary restrictions during pregnancy, during labor I did see things that you simply can't un-see. Eamon, bless his generous heart, rewarded me for the supporting role I played in this pregnancy.

Balvenie Port Wood 21yr

Daddy swaddles his baby. Elora remains unimpressed.

Elora is here!

At 3:20am on July 16th 2012, Elora Rose Jarrett celebrated her birthday! She was born at a healthy 6lb11oz, 20 1/2 inches.

That's 3kg in metric...

She did so well in the birth, crying almost immediately after her escape, and Apgar scores of 8 and 9. She is in perfect health, doing everything a baby should do - no problem with feeding, and pooping to make Daddy proud.

Bathtime is funtime.

Mommy is very happy to have her baby out.

She's been such a trooper in her first few days. She hasn't complained about the various visitors holding her, slept like a baby (heh, see what I did there?) during the epic five minute car ride home, and will sleep for hours at a go... at least during the daytime.

Many thanks to Grandma Judy, who came up from California by train to help us; without your support it would have been a much harder few days. Also much thanks to Megan for coming up in the middle of the night to help us through this delivery.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elora... any time now?

39 weeks. Elora, I know you're comfortable in there, but don't you think it's about time you came out to play? Mom and I can't wait to meet you.

It's easy enough for me to be calm and patient. To talk about enjoying our last few free days. That lasts right up until that first set of false labor contractions (conveniently starting the evening of July 3rd). Once the realization hits that things could start at any time, any illusion of patience and calm goes out the window, and nothing seems more important than the event starting.

Oh, and I think Amber may be a bit uncomfortable too. You know, from the anticipation... oh and probably from the 6lb+ baby and all those contractions too.

Energized Amber will be back later. 

Now that's a baby bump!

Thirty-Six Week Ultrasound

Progressing along nicely, we got another ultrasound. This time, the focus was on Amber's fluid. Well the fluid was fine, and we got a few great ultrasound shots in the process!


Elora has all five toes

Another 3D shot. As usual, her arm is blocking the shot.

Baby Measuring

Our 28 week ultrasound was quite thorough - many lengths and circumferences were measured, then compared against the average for 28-week babies. These are then fed into a formula which ultimately determined the Fetal Weight to be 2lb15oz.

Don't ask what all these acronyms mean... but Elora's dots are in the middle, so we win.