Monday, September 5, 2016

Four Year Checkup

Height: 3' 2.5" (25%)
Weight: 35lb (50-75%)


  • Elora can write letters, quite legibly. She can write her name and a few simple memorized words, and other words that you spell out for her.
  • Drawing; markers, crayons, paint, or whatever she can get her hands on.
  • Gaming. A child of Mommy and Daddy, Elora is ready, whether it be the Leap TV, Xbox One games, or even good old-fashioned board games.
  • Scooter. A Christmas present from her cousins, she can now glide along at impressive speeds.
  • Reading. Elora, when mood phases are in alignment, can successfully sound out simple words. She has learned ten sight words so far.
  • Numbers. Up to twenty is fine, but she still struggles the rest of the way to 100.
  • Bike riding. She's outgrown the trike, and is making great strides with the big girl bike (with training wheels of course).
  • Cooking. She's a big help for Mom in the kitchen, and can be counted on to stir the food.
  • Elora is a little swimmer! Regular swim classes have her in and out of the pool.
  • We are finishing up a section of ballet and tap dance, moving over to Hip Hop dance.
  • Pre-school! A year complete, and soon back to school.
Elora is an intelligent wonder. She loves her artwork, both drawing and singing, as a means for expressing her affections for her friends and family. We often get gifts in the forms of drawings, and newly-invented songs about how much she loves her family. She is incredibly verbal - from the time she wakes until she finally succumbs to the pillow, she is talking or singing (or complaining...) about something.

Colored kitty mask, in an Elsa dress and Leia necklace (courtesy of

Artwork for Dad, just because.

The Queen of one of her many castles.

Little "Ninja Warrior" mastering the "spider web".

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Assorted 3yo Cuteness, captured by Dad

Because sometimes a photo collage doesn't need a reason.

BFFs getting ready to jump on trampolines

Present from Papa Rick

Daddy's solution to watching two kids alone: cardboard. Lots of cardboard.

Christmas in the baby death arena


One day Elora randomly decided she wanted to go to Elevated Spots and play in the ball pit instead of go to bed. I tried to come up with a rational reason why this was not a brilliant idea. I failed. So off we went, pajamas and all.

Archer got invited to a birthday party!

Why not...

Proof of Canadian heritage.
First time on the ice, she's a natural!

Vehicles with friends