Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Nursery

Hi Future Elora! Past Dad is writing from about three months before you're due to be born. Your Mom and I have spent the last couple of months transforming the second bedroom to become your nursery. We are proud of the transformation, and hope that you will like your time there.

It wasn't always this way. This room was originally my office - a place to work, play video games, dump all my junk, and with a special spot for your Mom to read while I did all of this. When I could be convinced to vacate, it became a (very crowded) guest room; you can probably guess that we didn't have many eager visitors. The room was blue and white - a scheme we had devised when we first moved in, while we were mere novice room painters. We had intended to put a silver stripe between the colors, but it turns out Daddy is not a good painter, so that plan got dropped quickly.

Over the years, a certain amount of... clutter... accumulated.

We started with a major reshuffle - Mom moved to the bedroom, I claimed her former outpost in the living room. Then slowly but surely we cleared all of the junk out of the room.

Clutter centralized on the Ikea shelf.

Then, the painting begins.                                                                                   

Mom didn't have to roll, but you punched her in the bladder all pregnancy, so I call it an even trade.

We went through a variety of other room upgrades.
  • Replacing the house original light fixture with an antique light fixture, LED bulbs, and a dimmer switch.
  • A new Ikea dresser, custom decorated by Mom!
  • Moved Mom's poodle case to the bedroom.
  • Stuffed animal hammocks, pre-filled with, you guessed it, poodles.
  • Disney Princess crib.
  • Stylish new curtains.
And now, it's my pleasure to present: Elora's Nursery!

Twenty-Eight Week Ultrasound

Normally there would not be another ultrasound for another few months, but our OB was concerned that Amber did not look big enough.

Well, turns out Amber just carries Elora well! Elora is in the 67th percentile, at a healthy 2lb15oz, above average but within the 'normal' range. At this point, they can also measure all the major limbs and digits, and thus confirmed that everything is in the right proportions to each other.

Baby head profile.

This particular facility is also capable of taking 3D images. Here is 28 week baby face!