Thursday, October 17, 2013

1.25 Year Checkup

Yes, I'm committed to "years" now...

Four pokes; a horrifying trip for visitors of all ages. But with age comes wisdom... the wisdom to accept Tolberone bribes.

Weight: 20lb 5oz (10-25%)
Height: 31" (50-75%)
Head Circumference: 18" (25-50%)
Teeth: 5

A healthy vocabulary! She can identify the cats by sight or sound, the dog, can ask for food (num num), milk, or her favorite food bananas (nanas). Up has become "up-up", "gigga" is a regular demand, and she'll even tell us when she's "aaaaaaallllllll done!".

Making some good progress on games as well; she can throw a tennis ball overhand towards me. She has recently taken to high-fives, though she still steadfastly refuses to wave.

Growing ever more mobile, we can count on her to talk short distances hand-in-hand with us, and even tackle the occasional stair.

Wait... all these visits, and I just now realize there's toys here!
Mirror baby!
Daddy comforts Elora after four shots with Tolberone.


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