Friday, September 14, 2012

Two months old!

Elora will be two months old in two days. It's been an amazing, tiring ride so far. I am very happy to report, however, that there have been MANY more ups then downs. The first couple of weeks were made much easier with the help of my grandmother, Judy, staying with us. She was always ready and willing to hold Elora so I could sleep, pump, shower, or just collect my wits. Everything certainly turned a bit upside down when she left but we quickly learned the cope. The first thing I'm happy to report is that Elora sleeps very well at night. We can often get 5-6 straight hours of sleep before she wakes up for her first feeding. It isn't always easy GETTING her to sleep but once she's down she stays there. She's not the kind of baby we have to worry about tip toeing around.

From her first week of life we've had no problems taking her out of the house to restaurants and to visit friends. We are careful of her in crowds and discourage strangers from handling her.

All in all, she's been a wonderful baby and a joy to have around. We're really just focusing on enjoying these early days as a family and there's really not too much to report. She's growing entirely too quickly and it seems like it's passing in the blink of an eye. Here's her one month pictures and I'll post her two month when I take them on Sunday. :)

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