Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Finished Nursery

After months of work, lots of online shopping, and a glorious baby shower I can officially say the nursery is now totally finished. My nesting bug has been 100% satisfied and now I have a full month to relax, enjoy the baby gymnastics going on inside of me a little bored. As happy as I am with the outcome of this room, I do almost wish I had left myself a few things to do during my time off. That said, our little girl's room has come out exactly as I dreamed it would. A lovely, soft, fun oasis perfect for a little princess.

This view above is taken from the door. The chair was a great find on Craigslist. It was a really great price, in good condition and it's THE most comfortable gliding rocker I've ever sat in. It almost makes me look forward to the months of late-night feedings. To go along with it we have the trusty Boppy Pillow and a small tray table to set my lap top on. To the right you can see the inexpensive Ikea dresser that I spruced up with some hand-painted poodles. On top of the dresser is our changing station and above that are two hammocks full of my own stuffed poodle collection. To the left is the display case containing the rest of my poodle collection. While I wouldn't say the baby's nursery is the best location for it, it does match the theme and, honestly, we've run out of room in our house. We figure it should be fine there for a few years yet until we're able to move it or get a larger home.

This view is from the back corner by the window.

I really do love our crib. We made sure to buy the conversion kits that go along with it so it can stay with Elora for the duration of her years living at home. It can eventually convert to a full size bed. The canopy posts can also be taken on and off depending on her mood and age. Above the crib you can see the adorable ceramic sign made for us by a good friend, Diana. Inside the crib is Pink Bunny, the counterpart to Mike's Blue Bunny which he's had since he was a baby. I know many people disagree with having bumpers in cribs. While I don't particularly buy in to the fears about them, I do prescribe to a 'better safe then sorry' policy and mostly just have them in now for picture-taking purposes.

Baby carriers and nursing wraps all hung up and ready to go! Notice the patch on the door. The cats were VERY upset when we boarded up their cat door.

This shelf was an original part of Mike's office before we converted it to the nursery. It just seemed so convenient we didn't see a reason to replace it. Eventually we might need to get something that isn't so temptingly climbable (even though this unit does bolt into the wall). On the top shelf we have various stuffed animals, most of which have belonged to Mike and I since we were children. We also have a small library of books for the baby. Most of these came from the baby shower and we're SO grateful for all the friends and family that shared their childhood memories with us. I can't wait to start reading to Elora! On the next shelf down we have the baby first aid kit with various medicines. The photo boxes were a great find at Michael's Arts and Crafts. It was $3 for five boxes. They're easily labeled and contain such small things as baby socks, bibs, bathing/grooming supplies, and hair accessories. There's also a few toys on this shelf but my absolute FAVORITE is the star turtle. These have become popular lately and project different colored stars onto the walls and ceiling. I really love it (Thanks Lance and Anni!)  On the shelf below that we have the diaper bag all stocked and ready to go, more storage boxes, blankets (including the wonderful one hand knit by Eliza). On the bottom shelf we have the baby's tub and various other supplies.

Another view of my Poodlarium and also of the beautiful print of Caly from her photo shoot done by Julie Clegg of Bailey & Banjo.

The changing station set atop the dresser.

And finally, this isn't the best picture but it's my favorite part of the room. We found this gorgeous pink crystal light fixture on ebay. :)

Now all we need is a baby!


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